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THE TALE - Author 's preface My Freshly Steaming Testament To A Better World by Adamas

This is my offering, squeezed from my blood and ground from my bones as a final testament to a better world...
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I wrote this book to share my vision with the world, my vision of the beauty inherent in every moment if one just stops to pay attention to the detail and synchronicity of the reflection. At the same time I was so bored with things I was seriously considering driving my shiny new motorbike over a cliff and into the ocean. Two seemingly incompatible views and yet there I was thinking that if I was going to end it all I should at least tell my story as an epitaph and tell it in its entirety. There is nothing like the looming specter of death to put things into perspective. When you have nothing to lose and are contemplating the end, things get very clear. The writing of the book re-inspired me with some of the original vision which is why you are even reading this now.

I always heed the words “do not sell your therapy as art” and this applies doubly when writing autobiographically about your memories fused into a storyline. This is always the case when writing; who is ones target audience and adhering to a view without indulging that too much yet making it as interesting as possible to hook as many along the way as one can.

Left-hand and Right-hand

A good friend mentioned that this was in fact two books, yet the challenge for me has been in uniting the story and the mind technology into a fluid whole. The story without the tech would have been fun but just someone else’s story and the tech without the story would have just been a manual which one definitely wants to avoid. I have endeavored to fuse the two aspects into a tapestry of what is to come, a vision of a life lived and a view held that may appeal to some and seem inconceivable to others. The story carries the message and the message supports the story, left and right hand acting together as one. If this had been two books they both would have been lacking and so combining them into one has been a labour of timing and love.

Pink And Freshly Steaming

When you cut yourself you bleed and yet the mind bleeding out onto paper is a more controlled and deliberate act with all sorts of strange consequences that I am still savoring and appreciating. To not have included the teachings in the book would be like destroying a newborn world - a crime against existence itself and it is in this mood that I offer it to you, still pink and steaming, freshly ripped from my mind.

The vision has moved on, as all visions do however the core remains eternal - the rock from which new waterfalls spring and it is in the skillful dealing with the mutability of things that true art is born. This is my offering, squeezed from my blood and ground from my bones as a final testament to a better world with all the tech to bring it about.

Take It and Run With It

Of course all of this is meaningless unless it is applied but that is the job and the challenge to you the reader, to pick up the gauntlet or to walk on by. No one forces anyone else to do anything, we choose and then we act and this book is all about action springing from the mood and leading off to a promised land of ones own creation.

For the enjoyment and benefit for everyone who has the good fortune to pick it up, a rare and beautiful gem torn from the centre of the earth for mankind’s pleasure.

Many thanks to all the characters in the book, some of whose names have been changed, and extra special thanks to my editor.

Live long and prosper.

January, 2012


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