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THE TALE - Editor's Preface Lord Knows It's A Voodoo Child by Anreal

Fearlessly we enter the void.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment
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It would leave me utterly unemployable as a rat race zombie.

Three years ago when Adamas handed me the first draft of his book I would never have dreamed that events would turn out as they did. Fresh out of film school and with some pretty good contacts I was set to start the journey of becoming a cinematographer. At that time film making was experiencing a lull though and with every new opportunity to ‘get in there’ my plans would suddenly come crashing down as big budget films were cancelled one after the other. In the meantime between looking for new offers I would steal a few moments to read the manuscript of what would become such an all-consuming project that would not only leave me utterly unemployable as a rat race zombie, it would also test my commitment, resolve and faith to the deepest core.


IT chose me and not the other way around.

I was always avidly interested in literature, something I had forgotten while travelling the globe and later studying film, so editing came naturally to me. What started out as a few pencil scribblings correcting some sentence structure here and there soon turned into a full-scale reworking of what at the time was a 250 page A4 document. Undaunted by the prospect of such a hefty piece of writing, it literally thudded onto a table when you put it down, I acquired something ridiculous like a fifty odd set of coloured pens and proceeded to meticulously organize the content of this VERY niche subject.

It took on the role of something between a frightening sage, a stubborn child and a very good friend.

Perhaps, when I think of it in retrospect, the manuscript somehow voodoo-ed me into a state of enchantment - a case of IT chose me and not the other way around. I was jinxed. I can only describe the feverish need with ‘getting it right’ as a state akin to that of a trance medium channeling some extra-terrestrial or archaic ancestral being of sorts as time faded away completely and I fell totally under the spell of the book. Either that or it was a case of inexplicable and inescapable obsessive compulsive neuroticism, whichever explanation you like.

I can’t even remember how many times I read and re-read it - definitely over fifty for sure, and that’s only speaking of in its entirety. Strangely enough I never got sick of it. Driven by this burning need to ensure that it represented the teachings as closely to how I experienced them, it took on the role of something between a frightening sage, a stubborn child and a very good friend. It wasn’t long before the outside world became nothing more than background noise while I became so ensconced in its bubble landscape that we became utterly inseparable, me and my infernal friend. Mostly during this process there was just enough resources to get by and keep going and little else and yet few people have the opportunity to spend their time solely focused on their passion projects. When creating the world of our dreams it is important to recognize the blessings on the way, the Wish Fulfilling Gem shines brightest when polished with gratitude.

It was certainly not a process free from pain and sorrow, doubt and despair. At times the banshees of doubt screeched in my ears. Was I being too pedantic? Was I slacking? Why do I have to spend hours finding the ever elusive Ekajati Mantra to put on the cover of the book? What is the point of adding another chapter that talks about visions and why does EVERYTHING have to be so meticulously demonstrated and explained? Besides for the editing I mostly went in blind, with nothing but my stubborn commitment to quality, my endless curiosity, raw gut instincts and devotion to the Teachings to guide me. When it got hairy, which it often did, my devotion to the Teachings was the only thing left.

Endless details, tiny things, woven like tantras...

Film studies prepared me a little for designing but I had not the vaguest idea about how to structure a website or a book, let alone the subtle but powerful effect of for example fonts both on the cover and inside. Endless details, tiny things, woven like tantras that would either draw someone in, or push them away. It was imperative that the style of design was as neutral as possible, lest the message comes out wrong. Let the message speak for itself, and any dodgy interpretations be the result of the junk in people’s own heads. Make it a mirror, crystal clear and unstained. This was the goal that I would get back to over and over again. I also got an excellent education to boot, which stands for a lot in my books.

Look, can you see the pattern, if you stand just so you will see that I danced us a mandala, with each step forging our phoenix world.

Gritting my teeth I succeeded for the most part in convincing everyone, including myself that I like fussing over the details. Turned out not to be true. However there was simply no one else to do it, and so, for the sake of the Teachings and because I will do what needs to be done, I continued. I was taught that a good film maker serves the story above all else. I’d like to think that is exactly what I did because if ever there was a message worth serving - this was it. When you dance in the fire the ashes are soft under your feet, and anything done in the name of self-liberation reveals beauty eventually. The sound of ones victory is not announced with the pompous blaring of trumpets but a fierce and soul-shattering howl. Look, can you see the pattern, if you stand just so you will see that I danced us a mandala, with each step forging our phoenix world. See those dark drops scattered everywhere, that’s how you know it’s not just wishful thinking - I have paid for it in blood.

Not An Easy Sale

Of course it doesn’t help that it is a book based on totally obscure and secret teachings which to top it off is traditionally considered so advanced in nature that they are said to be energetically sealed from being understood by anyone who isn’t ready to receive them.

That said, enlightenment techniques at its best are a hard sell as it is, especially when focused on people doing it for themselves where there is no one to obey or blame. Of course it doesn’t help that the book is based on such obscure and secret teachings traditionally considered so advanced that they are said to be energetically sealed from being understood by those not ready to receive them. Not only that but Adamas’ take on it is completely fresh and totally radical, so he does not even have the orthodoxy to officially back him up with public endorsements to ensure a definite market segment to be tapped into. In fact, for the most part the sheer novelty of the content is like sending a brick-sized container into space hoping, but certainly not counting on, someone, somewhere, one day able to open it and marvel at the impact of its meaning. Nevertheless and despite the myriad obstacles encountered, reality conspired to weave together a set of specific events to ensure its eventual exposure.

As to its reception, well that is anyone’s guess. I expect that some people will take exception to the visionary content. Others, especially the more scientific types will dismiss Homeopathy as a farce - no surprise there. A few others, those who want complicated rituals and rules of behavior will balk at the simplicity of it. And those who have been following more traditional paths will get all tied up in knots about the fact that he DARES to make these teachings personal by taking it and running with it. And the rest, well most people would have to admit that even taken at the most mundane level it makes for a fun read.

To The Rebels, The Loners

I know that there are Diamond Warriors who have been waiting for just these teachings. The loners, the rebels, those fearless beings who refuse to bow down to any system, least of all systematic ignorance imposed by themselves ONTO themselves. The aim here, therefore, is not to encourage slavish devotion to a system - quite the opposite in fact. To really benefit from the techniques spoken of in the book is to use them as methods for liberation, nothing more, nothing less. Each teaching precept is backed up with personal story line which is intended to serve as inspiration for people to put the teachings to use according to their personal predilection and to express their realization in ways that are uniquely and totally aligned with their own natures. This serves to make Buddha Brats inclusive, rather than exclusive provided that each individual is prepared to surrender the Self unequivocally. Total freedom demands total commitment to ones own awareness where no concept, person, object and experience is too precious to be sacrificed on the altar of Liberation.

Apocalypse Herald

As more and more veils are being lifted to reveal the immensity of our existence I stand confident and committed to the ideal that NOTHING is impossible.

As the final tweaks to the book come to an end, this voodoo child fed and burped, I let it out into the world to grow wings (and claws and fangs) as it heralds the dawn of the New Age. For my part I have done as much as I could to ensure that it is safely cocooned in my love as it flies in the face of convention. This book is more of a magical artifact than a simple manuscript and more than one person have commented on its energetic affects. Truth be told, it is specifically designed to take apart and dissolve mental constructs and I believe it is only a matter of time before it takes full effect.

Regarding the Apocalypse and when and how it will take place, I have enough experience with visions to know that it will happen in a way that is not only inconceivable but also perfect. Until then, I will continue to dance through the web of reality, unearthing gems, expressing my love of these incredible teachings and building a network of likeminded people who are ready to make the shift. As more and more veils are being lifted to reveal the immensity of our existence I stand confident and committed to the ideal that NOTHING is impossible. It is for this reason that I believe this document chose me as its midwife - a message from the universe reminding me of the truth that I have felt since childhood and at the same time testing my resolve as Rider of the Apocalypse. As the wave comes ever closer the challenge and the pleasure, even in the midst of blinding despair as the shackles of ignorance are torn from our beings, is to ride the storm to the not-so-distant shores of our dreams.

It is with sincere love and excited expectation that I fervently hope to see you, dear reader, on the other side.

For the privilege of receiving these Teachings, I dedicate every fiber of my being to the liberation of mankind from the prisons of their minds. May all beings find happiness and freedom from suffering in this very lifetime!

Januaray, 2012


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