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THE TALE - Editor's Introduction Glimpse Into Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale Of Enlightenment by Anreal

If we did not doubt at times we would not be human but it is the overcoming of this doubt that makes us truly superhuman, able to forge a destiny that is out of this world. Put a gun to the Demon of Doubt’s head, pull the trigger and thank yourself for it later.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment
Image: Sylvia Pelissero

This is a modern tale of enlightenment, the story of one man’s journey to Liberation and the techniques with which he attained it while having a fabulous time.

Adamas insists that enlightenment is an immediate possibility, not just a pie in the sky with the chanting of monks as background music.  On the contrary, it can be a highly enjoyable experience with the bustling of a modern city as backdrop.

Buddha Brats represents the culmination of a wide range of mythologies, skillfully brought to a startling climax.  The essence of this book is about Eastern ideas with a distinctly Western taste and is without doubt the only document of its kind.  Without being draped in laborious language and complicated initiation rites, it engages complex ideologies in a way that the ordinary man can understand. 

Through the fascinating and provocative fusion of Homeopathy, Buddhism, sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll it makes for a wildly entertaining read - in true Buddha Brat style it is spiritual but with attitude. 

Adamas is a doomsday prophet with a wicked smile on his lips, the rebel at the school of enlightenment, shunning conventional methodologies and structures.  He dares us to grab enlightenment by the horns and milk it for everything it is worth.  One moment you’re appalled and pissed off and the next you are compelled to mimic his rebellious attitude and do it yourself.  He teases and aggravates you to the point where you decide that you’re going to try for the biggest goal in existence – Liberation.

At the same time the threads are woven from compassion and the sincere desire to provide people with a real chance at freedom from Samsara. The characters whose stories add color to the narrative have suffered greatly themselves, and the overcoming of their adversities becomes a beacon of hope for anyone reading it.

This book is a labor of love, offering a way out for all humanity if they choose to take it.  It is brutally honest about the sacrifices entailed but there is always a luminous thread running through, prodding us playfully and unashamedly toward the fulfillment of our wildest dreams. 

“After all” to quote Adamas, “if someone else can do it, so can you.”


All 230 pages of this book are packed with juicy morsels of syntax – the delicious chapter names are testament to that fact.  Would you have it any other way? We think not.

…p 4
Editor’s Notes
…p 6

01 – The Grand Plan


02 – The Path &  The Goal

…p 14

03 – Keeping it Fluid   

…p 19

04 – The Dance of Emptiness and Form  

…p 28

05 – Method in the Madness  

…p 36

06 – Triumphant Return  

…p 43

07 – Honey on the Tongue

…p 51

08 – Reclaiming the Holy Land

…p 58

09 – Baby Buddha Syndrome

…p 66

10 – Warrior Born 

…p 73

11 – Shattering the Mould

…p 81

12 – Breaking through Disease 

…p 88

13 – Divine Science in Reflection

…p 95

14 – Treasure Hunting in the Mind

…p 102

15 – The Left-Hand Path  

…p 108

16 – Holy Cow Slaughter

…p 117

17 – Riding the Whirlwind

…p 124

18 – Unbinding the Titans

…p 133

19 – The Earth Church  

…p 140

20 – Taking up Arms 

…p 146

21 – The Rebirth of Shambhala

…p 152

22 – Seeds of Madness and Redemption

…p 160

23 – Apocalypse Herald        

…p 169

24 – Dissolving the World

…p 176

25 – The Hero Tantra 

…p 182

26 – Beyond Rebuke 

…p 190

27 – Dancing on the Wire   

…p 197
Epilogue – Lighting the Fire  
…p 206
…p 211
Suggested Reading
…p 229


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ISBN - 978-0-620-45854-2


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