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THE TALE - Feisty Introduction A Modern Tale Of Enlightenment: Try It Out - If You Dare by Anreal

Part of my mission is to sexify the hell out of Buddhism, dazzle them with the beauty of the Teachings and my special take on the syntax. To weave such an exquisite tapestry that people have to succumb to the sheer beauty of it.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 26, Beyond Rebuke)
Image: Tracey Anthony

You don’t need to be a Buddhist to become a Buddha.

In fact you don’t need to be anything at all, other than yourself. Even that changes from moment to moment, so what are you ever really other than a huge pool of pure potential on the adventure of your life?

Buddha Brats don’t stand upon ceremony, they dance upon it and dancing oneself free from the chains of conditioned existence is the art and the skill. We represent the full-metal-jacket school of reality where killing the ego happens hard and fast, preventing it from resurrecting in more insidious forms. For those who resonate with this ethos it will come as no surprise that the most effective mind tech also happens to be the slickest.

If you are looking for complex intellectualizations to avoid facing the reality that direct experience is king – this book is not for you.
Either you are willing to take the plunge into the unknown or you’re not. It is that simple.

Perhaps you want the safe confines of proscribed rules and conduct in which case this book is definitely not for you.
With no one to obey, and certainly no one to blame, you are on your own. Total freedom means total responsibility.

This book is a collection of radical skills for liberation, told in the context of a true life story. A shocking and fascinating fusion of Buddhism, sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll it also makes for a wildly entertaining read. By sharing his personal experience with a certain set of enlightenment techniques, Adamas invites you to imagine the scope of what is possible within the vast range of human expression once the blinkers of fear and doubt come off.

Love it or hate it, we don’t care. Be brave enough and try it out, if you dare …

Freedom comes at a singular price - the complete overhaul of all conceptual structures. Anything else is a pretty delusion.

Be prepared to lay the self down at the door and enter the magical mystery tour.

From the Universe, with Love

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