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THE TALE - Chapter 01 The Grand Plan: Foundations For A New World by Adamas

It is good for morale - always throw them a few carrots when waving the stick of doom in their face...
- Adamas
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When people are turning french wine into ethanol it is surely the final trumpet
call to re-boot the show and start again with a new virus-free paradigm.
           Recruiting the services of *Thor my self-destructive Dragon, we borrowed a friend’s car and snuck into the city’s main water supply. I poured the entire contents of my ‘Weapon of Mass Liberation’ into the water to be pumped through the city.
           I had anticipated generalized mass hysteria and total meltdown in the streets. Soon people would start going into religious ecstasies, desperately battling the demons in their heads or simply exploding into light as they spontaneously combusted from the pressure of instant Enlightenment. Anything was possible, brain fragments exploding from people’s skulls, waves of rainbow lights in the sky or people incapacitated by involuntary convulsions. It would quite simply be, in a nutshell - pandemonium. Fortunately it wouldn’t last very long, despite its intensity, and would shortly give way to transcendence and mass liberation, sweeping across the
planet once critical mass had been reached.
           The effect on me was instantaneous, every cell in my body started vibrating and raising its frequency, it was glorious. Returning home I wrote out my will, leaving my various bits and pieces to the relevant parties and then settled down on my couch, ready to come apart at the seams in comfort. I put on my favourite music, disconnected my phones and waited as the process began to accelerate …

To understand me, one has to understand that the Apocalypse has one way or another, in vision and mood coloured most of my life, mostly for the better but then sometimes for the worse. Throughout my life I have created and taken part in a range of scenarios to accelerate the process in order to bring it about. I consider this a kind of duty as a Rider of the Apocalypse.
          My good friend *Luc even made me a t-shirt with “Adam Warlock - Apocalypse Herald” on it which I initially wore with some trepidation, but shortly came to realize that the scope of what I was planning was so outlandish that it was safe from interference due to its raw inconceivability, ‘hidden in plain sight’ as it were. My main task was finding the other Riders or letting them find me and then put into action a series of events that would bring about the end of the world as we know it to make way for a new and more beautiful paradigm.
          Apocalypse comes from the Greek meaning “lifting of the veils” or “revelation”. It usually indicates a body of knowledge normally unknown or hidden to the general masses because of its ability to grant deep insight into the true nature of the universe. It is often used in the context of mystical revelation on any level in an individual’s life, but is more often used in prophetic terms as a future event that will reverse the state of ignorance and suffering of humanity resulting in Enlightenment.
          My standard toast used to be a hearty “to the Apocalypse” with a wildly inspired and slightly deranged smile. Toasting to it always filled me with an exultation of what is to come and that has been enough to sustain me through my own valley of shadows with all its attendant critters, as I dipped into the pits of doubt and despair. Later on I understood that it was just a transition phase and I added, “and beyond” which had the effect of mollifying some of the more lukewarm folk I interacted with. It is good for morale - always throw them a few carrots when waving the stick of doom in their face.
          I had wanted out since I was a child due to my distaste for the degenerate state of the world and nothing ever really made sense to me except total freedom. I was and always have been driven to find a way out. I remember swearing to myself as an eight year old that I would escape this thing even if it killed me. Not to be at the mercy of my moods, which changed every day, seemed to be a righteous pursuit for my existence, and the only one that ever really made any sense.
          The whole white picket fence thing had left me rather cold and one of the most horrible things my mother inadvertently said to me as a child was that I was just an ordinary middle class boy. How could she not have seen the magnitude of what I represented? It was an attempt on her part to put an end to my grandiose scheming yet it ended up pushing me further along the path and I love her for it. I just had to show her instead and I have since aspired for the greatest achievement available to man – Enlightenment. 
          I was not deterred from this goal as I grew up. Those that had the same drive became my kin, and the rest of humanity seemed like a different species. Any mundane suffering I went through at the hands of the world actually spurred me on, and now seems like a memory that never happened. 
          The personal satisfaction, bliss and peace I gathered from my journey paid me back a hundred times. The truth be told, nothing else has ever really held any attraction for me which is why I had such a hard time choosing a career. Liberation from Suffering is truly the highest goal one could wish for, because then wherever you are and whatever you are doing will be pure pleasure. I succeeded and now plan to take everyone with me if they wish to come.

The Apocalypse, Dzogchen and Homoeopathy are the triad of principles upon which my world view is based. By using Dzogchen (the highest Buddhist view) in conjunction with Homoeopathy (the art and science of treating like with like) I have largely managed to free myself from residual patterning that binds me into conditioned behavior. 
          Having observed my own ongoing process of treatment and the results I had personally achieved with the remedies, I decided to use my skills to find a way to dose the entire city I lived in, in one grand strike. The key to this whole plan was to release everyone at the same time, as they were making their morning cups of tea and bathing in the water. I believed that if I put the appropriate remedies in the main water supply for the city it would release a massive amount of bound up energy that people were using to play out their dysfunctional patterns. Imagine if every person in the city all of a sudden stopped playing out their petty control dramas, had all their resentments, angers, fears, guilt and self doubts removed in one fell swoop. Things would definitely change for the better.
          What I anticipated was that if the energetic release was sufficient, the whole city would be going through their entire lifetimes of memories in a matter of minutes or at most conservative a matter of hours - an acceleration of the death process while people were still alive. This would, I theorized, result in a wave of energy which would snowball and send the whole city into Enlightenment en masse. There would be enough human energy released to fire off the rest of the planet in a kind of knock-on effect and the whole planet would go Body of Light. In the end people would be infinitely happier and thank me for it.
          Having observed the city where I lived for a while I decided upon the Homoeopathic remedies that would best suit the majority of people who lived there. I put about 15 different remedies into the bottle which is something one normally never does. Homoeopathic remedies are diluted well beyond the point where any physical traces of the original substance is left while retaining their pure frequencies, so anything can be safely used. I included remedies made from Ganges Water, Anti-matter, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Stonehenge, plus the specifics for the people of the city based on environmental exposure. This included Granite, which makes up a large part of Table Mountain, salt, Silica and a Fluoride or two. I also included Monatomic Gold, Platinum, Rainbow (which is made from passing light through a prism and into water), some potentized Buddhist Dhutsi (blessed substance) and the Chalice Well.
          The Chalice Well is a remedy made from the water of the well where Joseph of Arimathea is said to have hidden the Chalice of The Last Supper. Miracles and cures have been reported from drinking the water of this well.
          The only problem was the dilution factor, which. I compensated for by super potentizing my little energetic offering to the world. I even took the combination remedy for a ride on my friend’s 15 foot gyroscope, which was designed according to the Golden Mean. The gyroscope was spray-painted gold with seven interlocking metallic rings. It weighed more than a ton and was welded from steel, titanium and tungsten and once strapped in allowed movement through any conceivable position possible for the human body. This reportedly had the added benefit of unlocking inherent genetic memory stored in the body through accessing unusual combinations of rotation and extension. I reasoned that this would add an extra degree of juice and perfection to my already potent ‘Weapon of Mass Liberation’.
          The various flashes and dreams I have had of riding the energetic wave as it sweeps across the world are things I have actually seen in waking life, real time visions which are hard to argue with. Above and beyond it all I believed and still believe in it, as the connection to it sings in my blood. It is a part of my hard-wiring, the only thing that really makes sense to me and denying it would be like denying myself. When you go to war with yourself you always lose.
          Those that were too attached to their memories when the wave hit would be reduced to a happy energetic soup. I had even told some of the stragglers not to resist if they felt me pulling at them as everything amped up and went haywire. To process ones entire life’s memory in a matter of hours is a challenge that most people won’t even dare to fantasize about, let alone consciously attempt, yet this is what would occur.
          On the other hand, those who had a more diffuse view of their own personalities would surf the final wave and ride the whirlwind to form the seeds that made up the blueprint for a new reality.
          Of course my crew would be prepared and be able to ride the energetic effects of the communal raising of frequency, keeping those special nuances that made them Riders of the Apocalypse.
          I had gathered a range of people who carried certain cultural lineages. Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Norse, Celtic, Hindu etc. Nothing would be lost in the process and all the beauty, creativity, art, technology and innovation from all spheres would be taken with. All the useless nastiness of reality that permeates our world would be deleted. The New World would be based on those who were suitably advanced in their paradigms and understanding. Having sufficiently broken their attachment to ‘self’ they would come through the melt down unscathed. In other words, they would get to bring their personalities with them.
          Once I returned home after dosing the water I started getting further and further away from reality and dissolving more and more, my visual field turned into an array of spinning coloured spirals that were slowly enlarging and intensifying. The Tibetan word for these is thigle which is considered to be the core fabric from which reality is woven, the ground substance as it were.
          At this point my friend *Athena refused to leave me alone and kept calling me back into reality by engaging me. Every time I had to listen or speak to her I was forced to establish a personality in order to communicate. She would not relent, perhaps resenting the fact that I might leave before her. We had always been quite competitive, especially when it came to awareness and the thought of me leaving first probably prompted her to throw a spanner in the works and she refused to let me dissolve in peace.
          Little did I know that poor Thor, who was on a photographic shoot at the time had started dissolving as well, and was also forcibly being drawn back into reality by the demands of the world. The way he described it to me later on was that he started seeing through things including other people and even his own hands, literally watching himself becoming ethereal. 
          Needless to say, the rest of the city was unaffected otherwise you would not be reading this book. Why it happened to us, and why the rest of the city was unaffected could have been because sunlight destroys the efficacy of the remedies and it was in an open water source. What was equally likely was that the dilution of the little bottle into say 100 million litres was not nearly strong enough. The other possibility was that the chemicals they were introducing to the water functioned as an antidote to the remedies. Either way, I was given a taste of the experience of the Body of Light and that alone made it worthwhile.


One can only push up the apocalyptic timeline to a certain point and if it were solely up to me, it would have happened yesterday. Despite this I trust that the Wave of Dissolution will happen exactly when it is meant to, and I have no doubts about the fact that it is coming soon. Had the whole planet become enlightened from the remedies, it would have been too easy, as Liberation is something people should and can only do for themselves.
          I came to realise that since the Dissolution of the World is just around the corner, the only compassionate thing to do would be to spread the Teachings on the Nature of the Mind as far and wide as possible. I have no illusions about how many people will take it and run with it, enlightenment is after all “not for everybody”, but everyone deserves to at least be given a chance at it. 
          Such is the nature of the game. We are thrown in the ring with bulls and only the blessed, the brave or the crazy make it out in one piece. Not my rules, but at least everyone has a chance and if they choose not to take it then what can one do? They will not suffer when the energetic wave hits.

*All names of persons have been changed to protect their identities.
This book is the sole property of the Author.
It may not be distributed for profit by anyone in any format whatsoever without the explicit order of the Author himself. When sharing any amount of the content make sure that you credit the Buddha Brats with a link to our site www.buddhabrats.com. If you are interested in the formal distribution and marketing of this content in part or as a whole, Get Involved.
ISBN - 978-0-620-45854-2

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