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mind tech: f a q - Into The Abyss We Go What Is The Buddha Brats take on Visions? by Anreal

When you start to doubt your visions you are truly screwed.
They exist at your most precious core and turning your back on them is like flushing your dreams.
Life can only be hell after that.

- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment
Image: Tsukuroh-kin

Q: What is the Buddha Brats take on Visions?

A: Visionaries these days are usually understood to be either people with foresight or farsightedness in various fields of academic study OR the term is appropriated by religious, spiritual or political fanatics with very little clout and even less credibility.  The world is seemingly ever divided between opposite poles. 

Fortunately in the Non-Dual world of Dzogchen Awareness we embrace visions while at the same time encouraging clarity and lucidity of mind.  A universe of infinite possibilities is nothing new here and we are constantly busy refining our own visionary abilities.  Because we take visions as an obvious and essential aspect on the journey of enlightenment we prize the quality of visions highly.

As you will come to discover, we believe that visions are an inherent ability of mankind, despite the fact that most people are too afraid to express it.  We think that it is high time that people get back in touch with what their own hearts and minds are telling them, allowing themselves to discover their own experience of the infinite.

At the same time it is of paramount importance that one continues to cultivate the clarity to understand ones visions without fixation and the courage to relentlessly push the boundaries of how one defines one's reality. 

This category is where you can discover and discuss your visions with the intention of developing an ongoing rapport with your own mind and of course to soak up all the inspiration to be gained from it.

Be Yourself Completely

“Many times throughout my life the madness of the world has pushed me to the brink of despair.  The only thing that has kept me going through it all were my visions, which lured me back from the edge of the abyss, ensuring that I am still here.  I honestly don’t know where I would be without it, probably dead.

For people who have never experienced visions, it is often hard to accept let alone appreciate other people’s visions, but I would argue that everyone has them at least once in their life and if not, I believe everyone has the potential to.  However, most people experience this when they are young and as they grow old and battered by the harshness of reality, they convince themselves that it was just wishful thinking and bury their dreams in the back of their minds where it eventually turns to dust.

Then there is also the fear of ridicule or even insanity as people shove their dreams aside because it does not somehow fit into the realm of what the rest of the world thinks of as ‘normal’ or ‘possible’.  Horror stories of mental hospitals full of people who get stuck in a particular vision abound and this further feeds the fear, so we lock the windows in our minds as we scramble to hold up an idea of just another ordinary life.

To be yourself completely is quite a challenge and it will ruffle a few feathers but on the whole people love you for it, and you can’t make everyone happy anyway.  If all is self and self an illusion there is nothing to lose really and the world to gain.  The ego is that little voice of doubt that tries to reason you out of things that you feel good about.  It knows that each step you make along the path is a step towards freedom from its clutches and will throw everything in your way to stop you from achieving liberation.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 18, Unbinding the Titans)

Doubt is the Enemy of Vision

“When you start to doubt your visions you are truly screwed.  They exist at your most precious core and turning your back on them is like flushing your dreams.  Life can only be hell after that.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 06, Triumphant Return)

Allowing for Change

“The way to distinguish between a religious fanatic and a Liberated Being is the degree of attachment to their visions.  Although they both have mystical or visionary experiences, the Liberated Being recognizes this at all times to be a part of his own mind, to be engaged with but not dwelled upon.  Furthermore the astute practitioner of Dzogchen will know that one vision always gives way to another and another, constantly upgrading itself. 

Sometimes your original visions don’t come into form in the way or timeframe that you envisioned but that shouldn’t make you waver, quite the opposite.  As your Awareness increases the format of your visions WILL change and as you learn to refine your mind it will reflect in the quality of your visions as you continue to get closer to actually bringing them into form.  There is always a place and a purpose for visions.  The challenge is to make sense of them as they arise and develop but even more so, to always trust the perfection of it including when they change.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 18, Unbinding the Titans)

No Choice but to Believe

This is the world I live in and it is no wonder that my group is not large - how many people can even begin to conceive of this reality, let alone believe it. I have no choice it is me, the visions I have had of it are so strong that they seem at times more real than daily events. Every molecule in me resonates to this function and sings in harmony when I follow it.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 20, Taking Up Arms)

Please remember that most of the information on the site is aimed at readers of the BUDDHA BRATS e-book.

You will benefit from reading this description of Terma as it relates to the treasures of mind and visionary space.

From the Universe, with Love

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