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mind tech: f a q - The Great Unveiling How Does Buddhism And The Apocalypse Relate? by Anreal

My standard toast used to be a hearty “to the Apocalypse” with a wildly inspired and slightly deranged smile.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale Of Enlightenment
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Q: What is the Buddha Brats take on ‘the apocalypse’?

A: We believe that an affinity with the Apocalypse as a time of global change is a highly personal thing and can only really be shared between those who feel it so we have no intention of convincing people who do not resonate with it of its existence or truth.  This category is mainly for people who have had visions and dreams of this moment and are looking for ways to refine their understanding of the process or ascertain their role in it.  We firmly believe that everyone has a part to play, should they wish.

It would be almost impossible to understand our view on the Apocalypse by anyone who is unfamiliar with and unconvinced of the Non-Dual Nature of the Mind so if you are genuinely interested it is strongly advised that you familiarize yourself with the Non-Dual view.  You are welcome to explore the specifics of Dzogchen Non-Duality and its relationship to OUR version of the Apocalypse here.  For insight into understanding and developing YOUR visions, please see the VISION category.

For the rest, we will simply lay out a few basic facts regarding the meaning and use of the word Apocalypse as well as a brief introduction to the process of Thogal and how the two relate.

Apocalypse – To Know

Many people blatantly ignore the simple meaning of the actual word and continue to project their own fears and superstitions on to it. We aim to change that.  

The word Apocalypse literally means “to lift the veil” , an act or symbol that is in most enlightened mystical and spiritual traditions an indication of piercing through ignorance, seeing what was previously obscured and reaching a new understanding.  That is the first and most important part that needs to be understood.  

In this way an Apocalypse can literally be a moment, an event, a process or a combination of all three where one experiences profound revelation.  It has some aspects in common with catharsis, as the unveiling of true understanding naturally means the ‘purging’ of ignorance and suffering from the deluded mind.  

Thogal – Dissolution of the Self

The Dzogchen process of Thogal is considered the final stage of practice and is literally the process of dissolving all final dualities in oneself until there is no longer a perceived separation between the internal and external worlds.  The Buddha Brats believe that ones own process of Dissolution IS ones Apocalypse and that through the process of dissolving ones own obscurities, ones entire reality starts reflecting this by the falling away of limitations.  These obscurities in oneself and thus the universe are precisely what we experience as the stripping away of the ‘veils of ignorance’.  

Ones degree of liberation or suffering is, as it always is, entirely dependent on how fluid ones conceptual structures are at any time.  The more one holds on, the more it hurts as it dissolves.  The more one lets go, the easier and more enjoyable the process is.  

These are very simple and natural truths that become obvious to anyone who investigates the mind.  It is no different in daily life, it does not change at the point of death and it will certainly be the same during the Apocalypse.

To the Apocalypse and Beyond

“Apocalypse comes from the Greek meaning “lifting of the veils” or “revelation”.  It usually indicates a body of knowledge normally unknown or hidden to the general masses because of its ability to grant deep insight into the true nature of the universe.  It is often used in the context of mystical revelation on any level in an individual’s life, but is more often used in prophetic terms as a future event that will reverse the state of ignorance and suffering of humanity resulting in Enlightenment.

My standard toast used to be a hearty “to the Apocalypse” with a wildly inspired and slightly deranged smile.  Toasting to it always filled me with an exultation of what is to come and that has been enough to sustain me through my own valley of shadows with all its attendant critters, as I dipped into the pits of doubt and despair. Later on I understood that it was just a transition phase and I added, “and beyond” which had the effect of mollifying some of the more lukewarm folk I interacted with. It is good for morale - always throw them a few carrots when waving the stick of doom in their face.
Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 01, The Grand Plan)

Body of Light

“The final process is called Thogal, which means completely letting go of everything, resulting in ones dissolution into light.  There is proof that it is possible to dissolve back into the Five Lights that make up our physical form, literally vanishing into thin air and there are many modern day accounts of such events.  These are often accompanied by tales of magical happenings like rainbow lights in the sky, the blooming of flowers out of season, the raining of petals and other such extraordinary events.  Since it can be done, surely the challenge is to do it.   There can be no doubt as to ones ascension then.  No getting nailed to crosses, just dissolving back into the light from whence we came.

Dzogchen is the only tradition I have found so far that gives such detailed instruction on the means to achieve this Body of Light.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 07, Honey on the Tongue)

All is but Illusion

“The final conflict is basically you against your own Assumed Identity.  Round 1, bell rings, the fight begins, who is going to win, who has the most to lose?  It is a tough fight but once won you become unstoppable and a beacon of hope and inspiration to those around you.  You figuratively need to kill yourself in order to live.  Your current Conditioning is the second skin that is stuck to you like sea-serpent slime, and it requires every trick in your book and a whole lot more to defeat it.

Far better if you have already integrated these forces before it all melts down because then you might even enjoy it - I certainly intend to.  If you set the intent for the integration and dissolution of everything that holds you into form now, there is still a chance.  With wicked scythes and sharp axes Mara is already in the field where your Holy Cows graze, and the slaughter is about to begin.  The only thing that will protect you from the horror of the bloodshed is the concrete understanding that it is all an Illusion.  

If you can hold the View that not one shred of the movie has any more meaning than any other, as they are equally Empty, it will save you - it is after all just ‘a dance of coloured lights’.  

Fearlessly we step into the void - become the Diamond Sword that slices the Fabric of Reality and reweave the universe in the image you see fit.  Why people would not jump at the conceptual liberation presented by Dzogchen always amazed me, but then sometimes they are not ready and sometimes it is just a case of pearls before swine.  Dzogchen asks a lot from you in terms of accepting a completely new conceptual framework, but it brings you the earth in return.”   
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 24, Dissolving the World)

Riders of the Apocalypse

“I have always favoured the ‘we all ride to glory together’ paradigm but finding people of equal awareness has been more than a bit of a struggle.  The roster got shuffled many times as various false claimants were stricken off due to misbehaviour, and the filtering process still continues.  Each Rider I find though enriches the picture a thousand fold and makes it worth every moment of seeking.  

I have watched a lot of the folk who are going to make it come to me, each carrying distinct cultures and lineages of whole civilizations in their genes.  Some of them realize this and some do not, but they still carry these threads which are beautiful in themselves, and therefore worth preserving.” 
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 20, Taking up Arms)

Breathe New Life Into It

“The time had come for the resurrection of the old legends, breathing life into it, making them our own in the most heroic cross-pollination of mythology ever seen.  It is the Kali Yuga after all and everything comes out to play.  If ‘everything is Self’ then so too are all the legends, there to be reinvented, transformed and played with mercilessly. 

Nothing less could be expected from the Buddha Brats.  Line up the army, organize supplies, get everyone in line, kick back and wait for the final curtain call.  Where it led was truly inconceivable yet pure Crazy Wisdom at its most deranged.  Those who could see and feel it were the ones who were going to be there at the end and those who could not would not suffer.   Everybody wins but the lucky get to keep their personalities and be part of the crew which remade reality in their own image.  Would we have it any other way?  I think not.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 21, The Rebirth of Shambhala)


“You could no more abuse the power generated by this liberation than you could eat your own head.  Anyone who gets trapped in the mires of power, self importance, fear or intellect will quite simply not make it and this is appropriate because we do not want any megalomaniacs on the other side.  Nice and neat, self protected, flawless, happy days, ‘five star super deluxe special’.  It could in fact be no other way.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 20, Taking Up Arms)

Please remember that most of the information on the site is aimed at readers of the BUDDHA BRATS e-book. 

From the Universe, with Love

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