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mind tech: f a q - Fear Nothing, Love Everything What does 'Beyond Rebuke' mean? by Anreal

I soon came to the conclusion that as long as you were firstly, Enlightened and secondly, “benefiting beings” it did not really matter how you conducted yourself.
I definitely favour leather pants and jackets, my bike Tiamat and Marilyn Manson over robes, sandals and deep-throat liturgies …

- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale Of Enlightenment
Image: Ashour Rehana

Q: What do the Buddha Brats mean by ‘beyond rebuke’?

A: Beyond Rebuke is the Buddha Brats version of Vajra Pride which in traditional Buddhism means complete confidence in ones own realization and subsequently all decisions that one makes. 

Contrary to common arrogance and yet without the need for false humility, one is in a state of Awareness that takes full responsibility for oneself and ones entire realityWith no one and nothing to blame, and nothing to strive for, one can dance in and with reality without becoming trapped. 

Compassion and Impeccability are givens by this stage so these attributes no longer need to be cultivated. 

Having perceived the true nature of reality and become comfortable in it, the need to follow any particular mode of conduct falls away as all of ones actions simply become the natural expression of ones state.

Enlightening Buddha Activity

“I spent a long time pondering the question of behaviour of Enlightened Beings, reading different accounts of their behaviour, dress and conduct throughout the ages.  I soon came to the conclusion that as long as you were firstly, Enlightened and secondly, “benefiting beings” it did not really matter how you conducted yourself.  I definitely favour leather pants and jackets, my bike Tiamat and Marilyn Manson over robes, sandals and deep-throat liturgies.

No specific commitments to keep, no particular conduct to maintain unless you want to.  To abide completely in your own Nature and treat the reflection the way you like to be treated is the Path and the Goal.  Sounds pretty good to me and having found previous precedents of unusual behaviour I came to realize that it actually did not matter in the least what I did.   The passions and the poisons once overcome can be worn as adornment, ones fine colours that make you uniquely you.  Accepting your own Nature, its hugeness and emptiness is the means to accomplish this. 

Beyond rebuke one ventures forth into the world living ones dreams, fearing nothing and loving everything.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 26, Beyond Rebuke)

Indestructible Confidence

“The thing that unites the Buddha Brats beyond a shared vision is our wilfulness and unwillingness to be told what to do.  We are the original group of anarchists resenting any intrusion in our reality from much of anyone.  It is precisely this characteristic that allows us to throw off ‘the chains that bind’, making us so determined not to become slaves to Conditioning.  Not to say that we aren’t proud, or in Buddhist speak full of Vajra Pride.  I had often been accused of being arrogant, but when you know you know and need no excuses to justify your existence.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 21, The Rebirth of Shambhala)

Impeccable or Nothing

“It is beneficial to be correct” says the I Ching. 

“Why impeccability? Just because” says Don Juan. 

It should be tattooed on people’s foreheads at birth it is that important and I stick strongly to this. 

The Teachings are too precious and beautiful to be tarnished by using it as ones own little power trip, and I had to abandon the Teachings for a year to rid them of the stench of Sascha’s abuses.  What this did for me though was to take up the mantle of the Teachings with a strong commitment to maintaining their purity.  Any other course of action is unthinkable and any time I have strayed off the path I have returned quickly, feeling dirty for even having thought those things in the first place.

Ekajati, the Prime Guardian of Dzogchen is drawn with her foot on the bloodied corpse of a perverter of the Teachings.  This should serve as a clear warning to those who would use the Teachings for their own benefit.  Reality will punish the miscreants far worse than I ever would, but the righteous injustice at people abusing such a beautiful system still raises up the destroying angel in me.  There is a special hell populated by double-dicked elephant bulls on Viagra designed for perverters of the Teachings and those who prey on the goodwill of others, exploiting them for their own benefit.

I do not worry about any abuses that people put the Teachings to anymore, having understood that their degree of Non-Duality will determine their degree of advancement through the stages, and this cannot be faked.  The Natural State prevents abuses of power by not allowing Liberation until you have fused Emptiness and Compassion. 

You could no more abuse the power generated by this liberation than you could eat your own head.  Anyone who gets trapped in the mires of power, self importance, fear or intellect will quite simply not make it and this is appropriate because we do not want any megalomaniacs on the other side.  Nice and neat, self protected, flawless, happy days, ‘five star super deluxe special’.  It could in fact be no other way.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 20, Taking Up Arms)

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From the Universe, with Love

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