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mind tech: f a q - Wish In, Reality Out What is the Wish Fulfilling Gem? by Anreal

Try it out, take up your position as a World Ruler and the “Buddha to come” and literally command your reality.
If you have doubts about your own impeccability you can always add at the end of the wish “for the benefit of all sentient beings” to keep it clean and tight.”

- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment
Image: Artist & Source unknown. 

Q: What is the Wish Fulfilling Gem?

A: The Wish Fulfilling Gem is literally the mind - ‘that which accomplishes all wishes’. 

Dakini, the feminine principle of the universe and literally the very fabric of reality itself, brings what we put into our wish fulfilling gem into actual reality.  The more we understand her nature and her relationship to our minds, the more in tune we become with our own process of manifesting what we want.  Even more so, the quicker we are able to experience Dakini as ourselves and everything around us, the faster we let go of conditioning and the sooner we return to our Natural State of ease and bliss. 

Dakini guides us with signs and reflections so if we pay attention we are constantly interacting with Dakini and therefore the very universe itself, which has the potential to reveal previously unfathomable depths of understanding and experience.  In the Buddha Brats book it is often referred to as Reality, the Dance of Reality or ‘the play of the mind’. 

Since everything is, from a Dzogchen perspective a creation of ones own mind and moods the Wish Fulfilling Gem brings fears as well as wishes equally into form.  This is also why practices that release one from aversion and attachment are essential because whatever one has a strong emotional response to will manifest.  The Wheel of Conditioned Existence depicting the Six Realms represents the suffering caused by being trapped in these unresolved aversions and attachments. 

In the case of aversions, the Gem brings into form things that one tries to avoid in order for it to be visited, tasted and dealt with.  In the same way those things that we are attached to will either not manifest, so one can learn the lesson of giving up grasping, or it will manifest and then be taken away so one can learn to let go. 

The whole point of all the practices and teachings in Dzogchen is to refine the use of one’s own ‘gem’.  It can be said that once one is able to consistently manifest ones dreams that one has become a Chakravatin which literally means “one for whom the wheels turn without obstruction”.  This is why understanding of the mind is so vital because if one can truly understand it, the mind becomes the Gem that has the infinite potential to literally manifest the world of ones dreams.

Make a Wish

“Everyone has their own Wish Fulfilling Gem. The workings of the ‘gem that is your own mind’ are simple. Wish in, reality out. Nothing is cast in stone, it is all up for grabs.

As you conceive it or dream it, it comes into form as long as the workings are not distorted by fears or feelings of lack. The old adage “be careful what you wish for” is only half true. One SHOULD wish strangely and exotically, watching as the Wish Fulfilling Gem joins the dots. The less you wish for the less you will get, and what is even truer is that you get what you think you are entitled to because this is what you allow yourself to manifest.

The better you know yourself, and the more in tune with your Nature your wishes are, the better they will manifest. Fantasies often don’t stand up in the light of day, yet reality is such an epic fantasy anyway when you open your eyes and admit to the staggering beauty of the whole thing. Then, when one is so stunned by the majesty of it all, it rewards you further by continuing to manifest whatever one wants.

The Wish Fulfilling Gem will manifest what you ask for to the letter of the word but it is not inherently intelligent, it is just a tool and it does exactly what you ask of it. This can be a problem as you always tend to leave out the little things which end up flipping over the chessboard mid game, but so it is that we learn. If we did not learn to use it there would be no joy in the refining of it. This is part of the pleasure of the ongoing Dance of Reality and something we would surely not want to do without.

The more grateful and thankful you are for the Gems’ offerings the more it tends to shower down upon you. The best thing about the Wish Fulfilling Gem is that you can have infinite amounts of wishes, so enjoy the ones that come true and perfect your skills for even greater and more precise wishes.

Try it out, take up your position as a World Ruler and the “Buddha to come” and literally command your reality. If you have doubts about your own impeccability you can always add at the end of the wish “for the benefit of all sentient beings” to keep it clean and tight.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 27, Dancing on the Wire) 

Slaughtering Holy Cows

“Sharper, faster, harder has always been my policy.  This is my methodology and it does not suit everyone but it definitely contains less risk in the long-term, if you are up for the truckload of pain that destroying all your attachments at once entails.  I would not have consciously and willingly put myself through such heartbreak, it is horrible, but my commitment to clear all my Holy Cows was so strong that Dakini engineered exactly the situation that would destroy the greatest number all at once.  It could not have been any other way and Samsara turns into Nirvana when you view reality through this lens.

She is a hard taskmaster but fair and if you offer her your head on bended knee, she cuts it off and sticks it back on for you cleansed.  Even in the depths of despair there is always a poignant beauty in it all - the luminous thread that keeps one going through the shattered nights of the soul.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 17, Riding the Whirlwind)

Six Realms of Suffering

“The Buddhists consider all things to be the play of the Six Realms - hell, hungry ghost, animal, human, jealous god, and god in ascending order.  According to conventional Buddhism, one will be drawn to the realm which is associated with the governing emotion at the time of death.  Anger leads to the Hell Realm, Greed to the realm of Hungry Ghost, Ignorance leads to the Animal Realm, Desire to the Human Realm, the realm of the Jealous Gods is characterised by jealousy and the God Realm by arrogance.   The catch is that the God Realm goes back to Hell at the end of their 10 000 years, and the finest God Realm palace will eventually be swapped for a pit of burning lava, so no matter how good the trappings might be one is on the way down sooner or later.  This is the traditional interpretation of the Wheel of Conditioned Existence.

From a Dzogchen perspective these Realms are not actual places but states of mind which generate circumstances that reflect and perpetuate those very same states as circumstances in our lives.  As humans we contain aspects of all of these realms within us and the only way to free ourselves from their clutches is to make peace with them, firstly by acknowledging them and then by integrating these as Aspects into ourselves.

When a Hungry Ghost comes to a river it sees blood and puss, when Gods come they see Ambrosia, when the Jealous Gods come they see weapons and yet it is all the same river.  It is all mind generated and everyone has been in some or all of these states at various points in their lives.  These realms represent internal states and it is about integrating and being ok with all these Aspects of your ‘self’, without being bound by them.  This way you become free to dance in the world without getting caught in the swamp of desires and aversions, two of the things that bind us into form and make us suffer.

Many of the Tibetan and Tantric Deities are depicted with five or six skulls around their necks, showing their mastery of the Realms and their associated passions.  The passions overcome are worn as adornment proving that one can henceforth play in and with the Realms, without getting trapped in them.

Hollywood is definitely the God Realm with the beatific figures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt beaming down upon us from on high.  This contrasts with your average ghetto which is an interesting fusion of Hell, Hungry Ghost and Animal Realms as people try claw whatever they can from the weaker and more vulnerable.  The Jealous Gods would be the 2nd rate actors or the middle managers trying to dethrone the CEO’s and take their position. 

Hungry Ghosts constantly chase after things, seemingly never satisfied.  Once they give up their incessant grasping they revert to their true nature of satisfaction and abundance which is happily shared with the rest of reality.  The Hell Realm symbolized by intense anger once satisfied, turns into pure diamond-like clarity.  The Animal Realm of ignorance turns into the pure instinct of knowing or feeling exactly what is right to do in any situation without having to intellectualise it.  The Jealous Gods, free of the need to claw their way into heaven become content in their role as guardians and protectors of reality.  The Gods’ cold pride turns into benevolent blessings, showering goodwill down upon reality, no longer feeling the need to be worshipped which always struck me as a rather parasitic paradigm anyway.

Once we have embraced all these Aspects we can wear the passions as adornment and play in any Realm we like without fear of being trapped.  The passions once conquered turn into our fine colours, our individual rainbow display of reality.  This is a lifelong task and at different times we are definitely more in one Realm than another.  This said they all need to be visited, befriended and then allowed to play out in their purest form, for the benefit of all sentient beings.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 04, The Dance of Emptiness and Form)

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From the Universe, with Love

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