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mind tech: f a q - Nailing It Down What is Zerbu? by Anreal

When you have faced your worst fears and survived there is very little that can touch you. Every ugly and painful moment often has to be felt until it no longer hurts.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment
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Q: What is Zerbu?

 A: Zerbu literally translates as “affixing a nail” or “nailing it down”.  This is the practice whereby one engages the things one likes, the things one doesn’t like and the things one is indifferent to. 

The reality of life is that our minds will manifest situations in which we are forced to deal with these things anyway, so it is wise to consciously engage it because then one is not at the mercy of random unpleasantness taking one by surprise.  The goal is to be able to move through reality without any stress caused by ‘having to’ deal with things that can upset or disturb one. 

Anything that causes one to deviate from the Natural State leads to suffering so by practicing Zerbu one chooses to engage all these things on ones own terms.

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“When you play with swords you will get cut, it is inevitable, but if you survive it you learn skills which will benefit you forever.  When you have faced your worst fears and survived there is very little that can touch you.  Every ugly and painful moment often has to be felt until it no longer hurts.  Pain just becomes a memory which fades and eventually disappears and then slowly you put yourself back together, pick up your battered sword and continue on down The Path.    

The saying that “you never get more than you can handle” has to be taken in conjunction with “the more you can handle, the more you get” and sometimes this means large amounts of pain.  This is why if you are willing to take it head on, the ‘hard and fast’ methodology is the safest.  The slower we do it the more time the demons have to reform and then they have to be fought all over again.  If you can kill their generals, Doubt and Despair, Fear and Betrayal all at once, you can sufficiently weaken and disorganize their army.  Once that’s done, the rest of them are relatively easy to pick off at your leisure, and can often be sniped from a distance

There are oases and lights along the way to guide yourself by, although you have to be willing to venture into the desert of your own mind in the first place.”
- Adamas, Buddha Brats – A Modern Tale of Enlightenment (Chapter 17, Riding the Whirlwind)

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