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mind tech: the tech - How to get there & Stay there The Shortcut To Liberation - Do What You Love by Anreal

It is in doing what we love that we carve out our Liberation.
- Adamas, Buddha Brats - A Modern Tale of Enlightenment
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If you’re not living your dreams right now, what the hell are you doing? 
It is not going to get better in the future if it is not good right now.  We make our futures through how we are living in This Moment and if you are waiting for it to get better you might wait a long time, if not forever."

- Adamas (BUDDHA BRATS, A Modern Tale of Enlightenment)

Eyes Wide Open

It is said that Dzogchen practitioners meditate with their eyes open.  The ability to be present and aware in each moment is the Dzogchen ideal.  Why, because the distance between suffering or bliss is literally the space of a single thought.  Every moment of experience is an opportunity for liberation and so by being aware in the moment, enlightenment is said to be possible even ‘in the space between two breaths’. 

Forget the past and give up hope for the future, everything depends on this singular moment right now, and if you’re not happy right now, you will probably never be.  Conversely, if this moment can be experienced as joy, nothing else really matters as the construct of time melts away into the fuzzy pool of concepts from whence it came.

Don’t Change a Thing

To see truth, contemplate all phenomena as a lie.”
- The story of Thaganapa, Master of the Lie (MASTERS OF ENCHANTMENT)

A liar once found himself in the company of a great monk.  After some discussion on the nature of reality, the man asked the monk if it was possible for one such as him to practice a sadhana.  The monk kindly said:

“You’re not the only liar since time began, there are precepts even for one such as you.” 

The monk instructed him to contemplate all of reality as nothing more than mental fabrications.  By doing this the Master of Lies eventually reached full enlightenment.

This is the beauty of Dzogchen, the fact that not one iota of who you are needs to change.  No one is standing over you with a stick of morality telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.  It is understood right from the beginning that Awareness is the only goal and one can get there in any conceivable way.  In fact, we are told that we actually get there faster by doing what comes naturally to us any way.  Quite radical if you take a moment to consider the many eccentricities humans are prone to, but I digress …

Don’t change a thing, abide in whatever comes up – the non-dual nature of the mind renounces nothing!    The path IS the goal and if you can remain present and aware whatever you are doing then you are achieving the goal. 

Anything and Everything

When smoking your cigarette, just remain present and aware.”
- Namkhai Norbu

Sadhana translates as “means to enlightenment” and is for all intents and purposes the practical aspect of being an awakened being.  In its most basic form sadhana are quite simply those actions or processes by which we gain a deeper understanding and experience of the nature of reality and ourselves, with the result being freedom from the limitations of our own minds.  Sadhana also describes not only the methods by which one accomplishes the state of enlightenment but the experience of the process itself which is for obvious reasons entirely unique to each person.

This is where Dzogchen just takes all the accolades time and time again as it is not a theoretical or philosophical construct.  Instead, it is repeatedly emphasized that it is of no use unless one applies it in every day experiences, from brushing your teeth, to gulping down mushy peas, to having sex or writing out invoices.  Freedom from suffering is not treated as some lofty goal that one gets to after years of effort and training, instead it is the ongoing act of choosing freedom within each moment as it presents itself.  By practicing in this way one’s entire life becomes a living expression of Awareness, experienced as a dance of bliss and joy – total freedom, right here, right now.

One would think that this creates enough incentive for people to free themselves but it is often astonishing to what degree we choose to indulge our sorry selves.  Fortunately, for those with enough largesse to take the reigns of their own lives, Dzogchen is the ‘zero excuses’ policy bar none so at the Buddha Brats HQ we consider the complaints department permanently closed. 

It doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you get there and stay there”
- Adamas (BUDDHA BRATS, A Modern Tale of Enlightenment)

There is no one too old or too poor, too busy or too uneducated to practice sadhana.   Literally anything can be used as means to enlightenment, whether it is watching T.V, doing yoga or playing the electric guitar.   Some benchmarks on the path may be the same and certain guidelines are definitely more effective than others, but in the end your path will be entirely unique to you.   There are as many paths to enlightenment as there are beings to walk them, although the destination is ultimately the same – liberation from suffering or ‘ongoing enjoyment’ if you prefer normal English.    This is not to say that we are prescribing any particular type of conduct, like with anything in Dzogchen the proof is in the pudding and everything depends on ones degree of liberation from suffering.

From the Universe, with Love

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