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mind tech: the tech - adamantine awareness The Diamond Mind: Slicing Through Delusion by Adamas

The Vajra essentially symbolizes the impenetrable, immovable, immutable, indivisible, and indestructible state of enlightenment or Buddhahood as Vajra mind.”
- Robert Beer (THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF Tibetan Symbols and Motifs)
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Indestructible diamond-scepter of the all-victorious king, piercing thunder-bolt of the enlightenment warrior, precious gem that accomplishes all wishes – these and more describe the Vajra, symbol of the awakened mind.

One of the most potent symbols in Buddhism the Vajra represents qualities such as pristine clarity, precise insight, luminous transparency, primordial purity and perfect skillful means. Besides for being used in the context of the nature of ones mind it also symbolizes actual methods and techniques applied to rid the mind of conditioned limitations. One who has Vajra mind is also said to possess Vajra pride - confidence in the knowledge of how the ‘gem’ works and their ability to dance through the mires of habitual suffering.

Adamas is Latin for diamond and by choosing this as my nom de guerre, my warrior name, it symbolizes my intent to embody the Vajra mind in the war against Ignorance of the Nature of the Mind.

Blade of Awareness

Awareness ITSELF is the means to freedom and the indestructible diamond sword of ones mind is forged in the fires of ones own soul, where the brilliance of knowledge burns all obscurities away. To know the mind is to wield it and wielded expertly there is nothing that can not be overcome.

In essence, knowledge and understanding of ones mind quite simply grants one the ability of fulfilling all ones wishes, effortlessly and that is just the beginning. To play IN the world yet not to be dragged down BY it is the ideal - to pluck the lotus from the water without getting wet, as every moment of your life becomes an endless adventure, experienced as an ongoing state of joy. In my opinion no one should ever settle for anything less.

Come Naked to the Moment

The nature of the mind is said to be pure from the start, always changing and empty of any meaning as it perpetually reinvents itself in the next moment to fall again into the pool of pure potential from whence it came. In the same way all emotions, thoughts, objects and experiences are said to be primordially pure too, quite simply because they are generated by the very same mind that perceives and experiences them.

Behave like a pig or a dog which has no dualistic considerations.
Good, bad, clean, dirty, everything is perceived of as having ‘one taste’.
Like a little child who does not know anything and will do anything without any preferences or concepts of good and bad, there is nothing to accept or reject.”

- From Wonders of the Natural Mind (p71)

To arrive at the position where everything you see is as pure as the next, a lot of ones holy cows and opinions need to be discarded. The filtering of so-called ‘impurities’ is in fact the very cause of our misery. Truly it is said that desire and aversion are the causes of suffering and once we discard them and see reality as the perfect play out of our senses, then everything turns to gold. Embrace the “One Taste” of each experience where the rotting corpse is as perfect as the shining crown. By doing this we are free to truly enjoy each remarkably unique aspect of reality as it presents itself.

For me the process of assuming the adamantine form is just this process of stripping away the veils that cause one to see the world as anything but perfect, pure from the start. Now not all these veils come of gently and some hurt like hell when they are torn off but if it is not done then one just begins to drown in the density of ones own illusions.

Anger is as pure a state as love, as they are both flawless expressions of our mind and it is only the judgment we have towards one or the other that causes us to suffer either desire or aversion. On the other hand if one can exit a state of pure anger and enter a state of pure love in two consecutive moments and then back to anger in the next without being bound by either state, how then can one ever really suffer? This is the ideal that one embodies, ones indestructible body of adamantine awareness as one seamlessly moves from one perfect mood or expression to another without judgment.

Only then can we truly come naked to the moment free of any concepts which bind us into Samsara. We then experience the totality of each moment as if there was no other. To live without concepts of value is to unbind a lot of the suffering we have conferred upon ourselves.

The Many Faces of a Vajra Warrior

To shine in a million facets allowing all aspects of ones nature to be expressed, each one as pure as the next, is the path and the goal.

The Buddhists say that the wrathful aspects are the most compassionate and the peaceful aspects are the most relentless yet one needs to embody both at different times to be truly effectual. It is the moving into these two aspects that the dance of reality exists. Like a diamond with many facets, the warrior free from attachment and aversion to his own identity can embody any aspect at a moments notice. It is in dancing through faces that we carve our liberation after all, effortlessly avoiding the traps of identification with any particular form.

Beyond Rebuke

The supreme vow of all the Buddhas is simply self-realization.Whoever realizes the purity of his own mind sees through the Buddha’s eyes.”
- CARBARIPA, The siddha who turned people to stone (Masters of Enchantment)

We live by our own judgment and indestructible Vajra pride is to step into this position with confidence. I take full responsibility for everything at all times relaxed in the knowledge that if I just follow the mood of ease and pleasure everything is fine. No need to doubt or second guess ones actions, if it feels right in the moment it is right and the consequences will be flawless as a result. To embody the mood of all victorious confidence in any moment, to acknowledge that one knows how things are created and are destroyed allows one to dance inside the matrix of the mind and enjoy the show from the inside out. No excuses no justifications, just the pure expression of ones various selves in all its dramatic color and form.

It is the attaining of this mood that the book is all about. This mood can be engaged with as amusement or horror - your choice. Yet if one engages it in the right mood the whole process becomes the grandest adventure on earth, your own secret story which encompasses the span of the universe and everything in it.

To embody All Victorious Confidence is to wield it like a two sided sword with compassion and power facing each other, making each other complete. This is the challenge. Too much power and it becomes tyranny, too much compassion and one becomes ineffectual. To dance upon the edge is the path, to get it just right is the art.

I can’t do it for you, but what I can do is give some insight into the nature of how the whole thing is constructed and then how one can begin the process of deconstruction, if one so wishes. The book is just my journey and although everyone’s is different, there are definitely benchmark events that define the path. It is through experience that I have hammered out the kinks in my own psyche and I learnt a lot of the lessons the hard way. Making available techniques or approaches which radically minimize the suffering in the process, is what BUDDHA BRATS is about.

I am not expecting people to do it my way I am just opening up a window of potential for anyone to leap through into their own dense array of experience, stepping into their adamantine form - perfect and pure from the start.

Becoming Heroes

When one’s own vision is pure the entire universe is seen as a divine mandala and everything in it as ambrosial nectar.”
- 13th Dalai Lama (The Dalai Lama’s Secret Temple)

The hero does not start out as the hero he becomes the hero through trials and tribulations which make him who he truly is. We recast ourselves in the fires of mount doom to become what we really want to be and burn away all that limits us from becoming what we truly are.Buddha Brats is all about this coming into form and then playing with childlike enthusiasm, which truly makes it our own movie carved from the chunks of mind space we call our life. The further down this road we travel the more obscurations fall away and the freer we become to do and be whatever we want. Keep it suave, keep it slick, pick yourself up from the dust and soldier on, make of your life an epic fantasy not a soap opera and inherit the Island of Jewels which is your birthright.Even if one pretends it is so in the beginning until one actually sees it to be so, the result is the same. One assumes the form and by assuming the form one becomes the form. Once one has become it, there is no longer the need to pretend that it is so.

From the ashes of the Atomic Fires,

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