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mind tech: the tech - Is it fun and does it work? Let Me Entertain You: How Sex & Humour Set Me Free by Anreal

Lines in the water we draw only for fun
– Adamas (Buddha Brats, a Modern Tale of Enlightenment)
Image: GypsyH

Let’s face it, what anything boils down to at the end of the day is this – is it fun and does it work?

At least for me it does, but then again I have stumbled and fallen through many shades of hell in search of answers. Not that I had much of a choice. When you find yourself assailed by legions of demons, with sanity nothing more than a wispy thread on the horizon, you are forced to assess exit strategies very quickly and efficiently indeed. Needless to say, Awareness is not a subject matter that I approach casually.

(You can read a little about me in the book, the chapter entitled ‘Seeds of Madness and Redemption’)

I’ll have my Buddhism with some Bite, Please

Seriousness aside, boredom should never be underestimated either. No matter how good a system I find, if it inevitably leads to a place of (un)happy stasis, I am out of there faster than you can say “yawn”. Maybe some people like mediocrity, perhaps it gives them a sense of safety within the confines of routine and dogma but then they are probably never assailed by, let’s call it ‘mental problems’. Unless of course you are a little like me and boredom itself is cause enough to bring about a bout of ‘severe mental discomfort’.

I’m a good girl, don’t get me wrong, but after many years of intensive research I came to realize that good intentions alone just don’t cut it for me. Of course most people don’t realize that they actually have the option of having, as in my case, their Buddhism with some bite.

In my experience entertainment is essential in spiritual practice. It keeps us inspired after all, which in turn helps one to get through the onslaught of nasty mental habits. This onslaught is inevitable if you really want your ego to bite the dust but well worth it in the end. Once you’ve spent large amounts of time on killing it, the enjoyment in mastering the art of mental Feng Shui becomes of paramount importance. Eventually one gets so used to taking out the trash in ones head that you insist on making the surgical removal of dysfunctional programs a pleasure. Since it has to be done either way, you might as well have a good time.

The overcoming of obstacles is far easier when done in the mood of joyful curiosity and irreverent innocence. So be prepared to give your own cynicism a kick in the head lest you get trapped in a maelstrom of apoplexy from which you emerge haggard and aged. I personally like being continuously challenged to reinvent myself, preferably in radical ways, so whenever I find that it is not the case I see it as a clear indication for immediate change.

So there you have it, in a nutshell, the core of what I am about when it comes to Awareness. Here at the Buddha Brats HQ we call it ‘techniques to liberate the mind from suffering’, including that of boredom.

The Wow Factor

You are probably asking yourself if it is even possible to find something so serious in content and yet entirely entertaining at the same time and it is with a wide grin and eyes ablaze that I say unto you, yes. Absolutely and irrevocably – YES. It is called Dzogchen and it kicks serious hardcore ass whilst being stupidly sexy and a truckload of fun at the same time. If it was a person, marrying it would be but the first in a long list of things I would do to it, most of them being more than just a little naughty.

For me, Dzogchen is literally real-time anime - an array of diamond sharp precision techniques to liberate one from the skeins of ones conditioned mind. Presented with such astonishing artistry and insight, it is impossible not to swoon under its hypnotic affects.

I agree wholeheartedly with Adamas when he says in his book:

I’m a sucker for sexy syntax and Dzogchen is the movie star, super model and rock star of all teachings on the Nature of the Mind”

The name Dzogchen translates respectively as The Great Perfection or The Great Relaxation and “The mountain from which all other mountain peaks are visible”. When I found out that it was also known as ‘The Whispered Lineage’ due to its reputation of being whispered in graveyards at night to avoid abuse by those not capable or deserving enough, I for one didn’t stand a chance.

Introducing concepts such as ‘The Great Ocean of Awareness’ and ‘The Sword of Infinite Manifestation’ to describe the nature of ones own mind, it is hard not to be swept away by it all. There is even an extensive array of archetypal characters used to demonstrate various aspects of the human psyche, complete with detailed descriptions of weaponry, clothing, animal companions and more. These include characters depicted flailing ignorance with diamond whips, spearing their egos to death or cutting their own hearts out as proof of their commitment to Awareness. To top it off these archetypes are literally blueprint aspects of ourselves which you can access, download and master as facets of your personality.

Like I said - totally anime and if this does not at least stir some long forgotten fire in you then nothing will and the flame probably went out ages ago if there was ever one to begin with.

If however it sounds like your kind of thing then welcome to Awareness in Motion, where the playing field is Reality, the weapons are our Minds, and the only enemy is Ignorance of who and what we really are …

Watch this space for updates on our projects and other bright ideas and get ready for an adventure of a life-time - YOUR adventure, YOUR life …

From the universe, with love

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