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BOOK REVIEWS - The Supreme Source A Mind Supreme: The Definitive Treatise On Liberation by Adamas

All being already perfect, overcome the sickness of effort
and remain naturally in self perfection: this is contemplation.

- On Giving up the Disease of Effort

If all literature were destroyed and I could choose just one document to survive, without a moment’s hesitation I would choose to preserve this book above all others. For me this incomparable text quite simply takes ALL the pain away, forever. Every time I dip into it is like sinking into an ocean of warm milk.

By the Mind, About the Mind

Without having to be forsaken, the five poisons are the five great wisdoms.
Without having to be eliminated Samsara is totally pure from the beginning.
If you understand that enlightenment is your own mind,
there is no other meditation.

- On Non-Meditation

THE SUPREME SOURCE brought to us by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu is quite simply the most definitive treatise on the nature of ‘Illumined Mind’. As the root tantra of Dzogchen it takes the form of an extended conversation between two aspects of the mind, with Satvavajra addressing questions to Samantabhadra, the primordial Buddha-mind. In essence it is a first person dialogue delivered BY the mind TO ITSELF on its own nature, revealing the nature of your mind, my mind and Mind in general. When the text says “Listen great being!” it is vital that you understand it as YOUR mind talking about itself to you.

The Natural State

Enlightenment itself is not something other than the natural condition …
- On Recognizing Enlightenment

This radical document destroys a host of dualistic conditioning by showing how the mind in its intrinsic perfection and primordial purity requires no correction, modification or alteration whatsoever. Any concept or action that moves one away from the perfection of each moment, which is naturally expressed as spontaneous, self-arising wisdom is considered a hindrance to or deviation from the natural state, which should be effortless at all times.

“Practitioners of Dzogchen atiyoga understand the authentic condition beyond action in this way: pure and total consciousness is the universal essence.
Leaving it as it is without correcting it means being in the authentic state.
From the beginning there is no idea of having to meditate on a view.
From the beginning there is no idea of having to maintain a commitment.
From the beginning there is no idea of having to acquire capacity for spiritual action.
Leaving everything as it is, one is in the authentic state.

- On the Dzogchen State

Core Dzogchen at its best, there is quite simply nothing that can compare.

Without Further Ado

To make these teachings as accessible as possible to other Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, I advise that you start by reading 'The 84 Chapters of THE KUNJED GYALPO’ (p91) and the ‘ROOT TANTRA’ (p135) at the same time. The ’84 Chapters of THE KUNJED GYALPO’ contains brief explanations of each chapter by the venerable Namkhai Norbu and the ‘ROOT TANTRA’ is the direct translation of the tantra itself.

Because this can be quite an intimidating document Anreal has made a shortlist of which chapters of the explanation and actual tantra to read and which ones to skip, to help you cut a swathe through what might otherwise be a rather dense array. I strongly advise that you use this shortlist as a companion while you read.

Good for You

Other parts of the book that you should have a look at:
- The ‘Epilogue: ON THE NATURE OF SAMANTABHADRA (p233) which is a brief conversation with Namkhai Norbu about the nature of this aspect of primordial Buddha-hood.
- Like most Buddhist books the beginning is traditionally full of in-depth lineage information or histories and although I would not recommend that you read the whole thing, you might enjoy the part about Sri Simha and onward. It is not a long read (from p46-56) and you can read it at your own leisure and quite simply for your own pleasure.
- The FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF TANTRA AND DZOGCHEN (p77) is great for reflecting on, once you’ve finished reading the ROOT TANTRA. It explains a bit more about the various paths and practices in Buddhism in comparison to Dzogchen.
- Finally, the notes are certainly worth skimming through too.

All-Victorious Confidence

“I am the great enemy of all speculative artifice …
- On Authenticity of the State

Whenever people have a hard time understanding the Buddha Brats Ethos of ‘beyond rebuke’ it is because they have not read and understood THE SUPREME SOURCE. As the basis for my all victorious confidence, my Vajra pride, this book holds nothing back and makes no excuses for its brilliant and beautiful but hardcore stance on non-duality.

Once you taste its nectar it becomes a cherished, life-long companion – SUPREME SOURCE is absolutely without equal, bar none.

Get the Book

Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out our Reading Tips to make the most of your Dzogchen reading experience.

From the ashes of the Atomic Fires,

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