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Honey On The Tongue - Delicious Quotes By Enlightened Beings

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Surely you long for the city of well-being and liberation?
If you desire to go, dear child, I can show
the way to you and give the instructions.

- Milarepa to the sheperd boy (Dakini's Warm Breath, p165)

One cannot see such a sight without being transformed.
- p2, Dakini's Warm Breath

Who are you hiding from?” the thief asked the yogin.
“I’m trying to dodge the repetitive cycle of birth and death on the Wheel of Existence,” replied Carpati.

- KHADGAPA - The Master Thief (Masters Of Enchantment, p61)

And as he beheld these shadows of the mind, the cutting edge of the light severed them from his being.
- KHADGAPA - The Master Thief (Masters Of Enchantement, p61)

It is quite obvious to me that you’re already fully realized. Why do you insist on staying in samsara?
- ARYADEVA - The lotus-born, (Masters Of Enchantment, p69)

You’re not the only liar since time began,” said the monk kindly.
“There are precepts even for those such as you."

- THAGANAPA - Master of the Lie (Masters Of Enchantment, p81)

Without a care for tomorrow he went where the winds of Desire blew him..
- BIKSANAPA - Siddha Two-teeth (Masters Of Enchantment, p149)

Indrapala confessed that he had been reviewing his life,
And come to the startling conclusion that he was not a happy man.

- p174, Masters Of Enchantment

Contentment eluded him like a never-ending dream.
- KIRAPALAPA - The Repentant Conqueror (Masters Of Enchantment, p189)


His body was immovable,
his speech unwavering,
and his mind could not be reduced to fear.
These three vajra prides, beyond any sense of ego, are what gave him the confidence to win the teachings.

- Three vajra prides of Tilopa (Dakini's Warm Breath, p284)

Gain certainty in the fact that since the very beginning your own mind is the awakened state of Buddhahood. Gain certainty in the fact that all phenomena are, in essence, the magical display of mind.
Gain certainty in the fact that the final goal is already present within you and is not to be sought elsewhere… Unless you experience the innate nature of phenomena and mind as beyond thought and conception, [you will suffer when] your kingdom and worldly power, which are as insubstantial as a rainbow, fade and vanish.

- p50, Dalai Lama's Secret Temple

When we attain the fearless confidence that Buddhas are reflections of your own mind, there is no difference between outer and inner phenomena and no division between external and internal deity, since mind is free of all duality.
- Thinley Norbu (Dalai Lama's Secret Temple, p53)

Your mind absorbed in bliss and void inseparable, the flow of life appears as a rainbow.
One body endlessly sending forth clouds of emanations to set this world ablaze with joy.

- the 7th Dalai Lama from the "Song Rapidly Invoking Power"

Let others go to the monastery to offer lamps.
Following the yogic path, I ignite the butter lamp of innate bliss that resides within the heart.

- Milarepa, Dalai Lama's Secret Temple

Who flies unobstructedly throughout the limitless skies?
He with mind focused on ultimate reality;
The one who is forever free from hindrances.

- 7th Dalia Lama (Dalai Lama's Secret Temple, p128)

For a sensitive person who understands unborn reality,
One glimpse of the lama’s vision of pure light
Destroys illusion like a mad elephant
Rampaging through hostile ranks, wielding a sword in its trunk.

- p33, Masters of Enchantment

I, who exist in things as they are,
Without self, not thinking, not achieving,
Am saved from the pit of nihilism by existential self-awareness,
Am saved from and eternal heaven by absolute detachment.
I live in consummate pure delight and perfect awareness.

- VIRUPA - Master of Dakinis (Masters of Enchantment, p35)

In just the way that that the datura plant brings its own dreams and hallucinations and takes them away again when it leaves the body, thus did delusion, bewilderment and unknowing leave his being.
- KANKARIPA - The Lovelorn Widower (Masters of Enchantment, p67)

Since I entered the dimension of dynamic space [of] absolute, empty being …

enjoying profound and perfect insight,
I am not cowed by visionary experience.
Every situation is a play of empty being, the magical illusion ..”
Enjoying the unstructured quality of every occurrence,
I am no coward in the face of my thought-forms.
every even is a display of mental projections …

- Yeshe Tsogyel (Sky Dancer, p81- 82)

Sublime Beings realized for themselves the state of the luminous Great Perfection exactly as it is.

Having done so, they benefit others by means of the knowledge that perceives all possibly existing things, overturning every state of samsara to the very depths.
Thus they carry out the profound and perfect activities for both self and others - like suns rising in the sky.

- p 36,  Confusion Dawns As Wisdom

Knowledge of Dzogchen is like
Being on the highest mountain peak;
No level of mountain remains mysterious of hidden,
And whoever finds themselves on this highest peak
Cannot be conditioned by anyone or anything.

- p35, Crystal And The Way Of Light

We should never separate ourselves from that yoga in which we are aware of our own innate presence as being our true Master.
Continuing with this mindful awareness … is the root of the practice.

- p44, The Cycles Of Day and Night

This being aware of ones own innate pure presence or intrincisc awareness is out True Guru.
- p63, The Cycles of Day and Night

The teachings will be known spontaneously by the power of their understanding.
- p67, Heart Drops Of The Dharmakaya

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