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UPCOMING PROJECTS - Personal Counseling Diamond Blade Mastery by Buddha Brat

See the fires of suffering blazing around you
Remember that it is Empty,
and step into the terrifying void.
You will experience for yourself
the Alchemical Purification
and come out Transformed
on the other side...

~ Adamas, BUDDHA BRATS - A Modern Tale Of Enligtenment 
image: Nicky Newman

Get some assistance on the only path that truly matters, the path that leads to the end of suffering!  

As energetic patterns start shifting and old programming being shed on a global and personal level, it can feel impossible NOT to spin out of control.

Many people are starting to wake up to the possibility that they are the creators of their own reality but don’t know where to turn. And with the accelerated energy of the world moving toward crisis more and more people need teachings and methods that work, and work fast.

Are you one of these?

* Are you experiencing a dark night of the soul?

* Have you heard a little about Buddhism, Homoeopathy, or Shamanism but have a hard time finding solid teachings that feel relevant and practical to your personality and lifestyle?

* Maybe you have experienced Buddhism before and even agree with most of its principles but felt that the cultural overlay, or conservatism didn’t suit your nature?

* Perhaps you have come across some Shamans but found many of the ideas incomprehensible, vague or irrelevant to you?

* It’s also possible that you don’t feel at home in the circuit of new-age spirituality and are looking for something more than spells, chants, channelings and crystal meditations?

The road to enlightenment is fraught with peril. Since the journey only starts with waking up, there are many pitfalls and we all struggle at many points along the way to keep the flame alive and keep shedding our unnecessary conditioning.

* Have you got access to a wide range of teachings or have been exposed to different techniques but it feels like you are not quite getting to the core of your conditioned and therefore binding behaviour?

* Perhaps you feel frustrated at the slow progress you are making with your current methods, or feels stuck in a plateau and in need of fresh perspective to propel yourself forward again?

* Maybe you have reached a point in your life where you are tired of orthodox methods and willing and ready to try something radical to earn your freedom from fear and doubt?

* Or are you simply the kind of person with a taste for adventure and a penchant for exotic methodologies and would like to add some of the world’s most effective mind-training techniques to your arsenal?

* Do you belong to a formal school of spiritual or psychological teachings but feel constrained by the dogma and with no one to answer questions that fall outside the accepted framework?

* Perhaps you are fairly accomplished in your realization but feel like you have no outlet to express it, and no one that you can share more advanced questions and problems with?

* Maybe you are struggling to make the teachings at your disposal personally relevant or practically applicable in your life?

As many people’s Kundalinis are rising to meet the accelerated movement of the Earth’s, all kinds of physical and mental disorders can start to manifest.

* Are you interested in raising your Kundalini but find it hard to get any solid information about it?

* Did you initiate a rising but feel unsure about what is going on with it right now?

* Perhaps you are experiencing confusing, maybe even painful physical or mental symptoms and suspect that you may have had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening with no idea how to fix it?

I use a powerful combination of Dzogchen Teachings, Chod, and Homoeopathy as my foundation for overcoming all manner of personal and spiritual problems.
By appointment on skype and for a donation depending on the session length and intensity.

Email adamas@buddhabrats.com to schedule an appointment.

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