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Dzogchen – Translated as “the peak of the mountain from which all other peaks are visible“, and also known as “The Great Perfection”, or “Great Relaxation”. (Ati Yoga in Sanskrit)

It is the highest Buddhist view and culmination of ALL other paths (including non-Buddhist paths) precisely because it IS the Enlightened State itself. It is further said that Dzogchen has been taught in over 13 star systems and to numerous beings presently unknown to us.

Dzogchen strongly emphasizes the inherent perfection of everything and is epitomized by its central credos such as “give up the disease of effort”, and “perfect just as it is, don’t change a thing.”

Its primary practice is that of Rigpa (present awareness) yet any and all other practices may be used to bring the practitioner back to, or help the practitioner remain in ‘the state of Rigpa’.

It is based on the view that all things are inherently empty (yet filled with infinite potentiality) and primordially pure and that by truly understanding this, one gives up any grasping or rejecting and instead of struggling to alter things, one just relaxes into the Natural State. By doing this, all thought forms, emotional experiences and external things are allowed to appear and disappear of their own accord. Through this process one perceives the truth of ones own true Buddha nature and becomes Liberated as a result. It is typified by the fact that there are no specific vows to keep and no particular conduct to adhere to.

It is a Teaching that has been kept secret over the centuries and was usually passed on directly from master to student therefore it is also known as the ‘whispered lineage’ due to its secrecy. One of the features that make Dzogchen unique is that it is an entirely experiential Teaching, based on the “Now I get it!” principle. There are many humorous stories of students having moments of realization in the strangest of ways. An example is of one student who tells that after many years of practice he still didn’t ‘get it’ and one day being hit by a rock that a random person threw at him. The rock knocked him unconscious and when he woke up he sat up proclaiming “now I get it!”. He directly experienced the emptiness of his own mind at that point in time. This is why direct introduction to ones own Mind is the essence of the Teachings. It cannot be explained or passed on conceptually, one can only experience it. The Dzogchen Teachings simply help one to recognize and understand it once seen, and then to remain in that state at all times.

See Buddha, Rigpa, Natural State and Effortlessness.

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