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Non-Dual View

Non-Dual View – The View that everything originates and remains in the unalterable and undivided primordial state of universal consciousness, refered to in Dzogchen as the Mind or 'total sphere of consciousness'.  

Therefore that all so-called ‘internal and external appearances’ are but the singular play of the Mind and that there is no external reality out there that is concrete or permanent in any way.  This means that there are no dualities that imply a ‘self’, an ‘other’, ‘time’ and ‘space’ with any inherent existence at all.  The expression "All is Self and Self is Empty, but Aware and Manifesting Ceaselessly" encapsulates it perfectly.

An important aspect of understanding this view is to know how it differs from what in Dzogchen is called the ‘Four Philosophical Extremes' of nihilism, eternalism, monoism and dualism.

- Dzgochen Non-Duality differs from nihilism in the sense that there is not only Emptiness, but that reality is a constant dance between Emptiness AND Form.  

- Dzogchen Non-Duality differs from eternalism by the fact that reality is a Constantly Changing and dynamic expression of awareness – everything is bound to change and give way to something else.  

- Dzogchen Non-Duality differs from monoism in the sense that Non-Duality does not negate the existence of Multiplicity.  

- Finally Dzogchen Non-Duality differs from duality in that all things are interconnected in the inseparability of the Mind.

See Dzogchen.

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